Changes... Not Retirement !
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September 3, 2012
The End of Summer and Conflicting Wishes
End of Summer in Alaska
End of Summer in Alaska
Summer is ending officially the day after Labor Day. 

But, here in Northern California we are hoping that the bright sunshine and clear skies of summer continue for a month or two longer.  At the same time we may hope the rain will start soon to get the vegetation wet and prevent forest fires. 

Conflicting wishes.  

They happen all the time.

As August ends there are exciting things happening here at the Law Offices of Julia P. Wald.   


The Law Offices of Julia P. Wald are merging with the Law Offices of Timothy J. Chambers to form one firm, Chambers Wald, LLP.   I, Julia, am happy and excited to be working with Tim who is a fantastic lawyer and person.  And, yes, I will continue to work, this is not a letter about retirement.

Tim and Julia -- Complementary Practices


Tim Chambers and Daughters
Tim Chambers and Daughters
Tim and I met because our office suites are adjacent, in fact each of us can hear the other through are common wall.  We will not have to move, all we have done to consolidate our offices is cut a door through a hallway wall.

Tim is native to Marin and has practice law in this county for over 12 years.  He lives in Marin with his wife and 2 daughters.  Sometimes his daughters, Anika and Lilly, act as apprentice lawyers here in the office. 

Tim has a passion for music, especially as recorded on vinyl.  His record collection is quite extensive and Lilly reports it is taking over the house, a slight exaggeration.  Tim has been a bee keeper and defender since childhood when he learned the art and science of bee keeping from his grandfather.

Tim is an estate planning attorney and trust and estates litigator. He is also active in the areas of probate and trust administration. The litigation work he does focuses in the areas of Probate and Trust Law. 

Julia and Louie
Some Things Are Not Changing
Julia's firm practices in the areas of estate planning, trust administrationand conservatorships, with a lesser emphasis on probate. 

Tim's litigation work adds new depth to the two key areas of Julia's particular interest: conservatorships and trust administration. 

Too often conservatorships are necessitated by the appearance of the greedy few trying to appropriate assets of their incapacitated or naive "loved ones" or victims.

Tim's expertise will enhance the new firm's methods for keeping the elderly from loss and abuse and rightful inheritors inheriting what they are supposed to receive.

The firm, of course, will continue to have an active estate planning practice.
The Chambers Wald LLP Team


Michael Bennett Younge
Michael Bennett Younge
The firm is well staffed, some of the people you already know. 

Our associate is Michael Bennett Yongue.  There are two paralegals, Anita Roussel and Danielle Jones. 

Ann Foster answers our phone and keeps the office running smoothly. 

 The pictures show some of these folk and their families.

Family in Alaska
Family in Alaska
Adding Art to the Law


Mother and Child
Grandchild and his Mother
While it is true that Julia is not retiring, one reason for the merger is to give me more time outside the office.  This gives rise to my own conflicting wishes. 

I am eager to pursue my interest in creating art, especially collages and photography.  If you have been looking at these newsletters over the past year, you have seen some of my "stuff".  I also really really like being a lawyer and I am not ready to give it up. 

I will be here at the office lots and I will be available to meet and talk with you and to be sure that the legal work I do is of the same caliber as always.

Julia and Brother
Julia and her Brother
If you are in the neighborhood, come pay a visit. 

I look forward to introducing you to Tim and all the other people working here.  

If you need legal work done in the areas of estate planning and conservatorships or unfortunately know that something is not right with the treatment of an elder or the handling of an estate, call for an appointment.  The first half hour phone conversation if FREE.  
Julia P. Wald
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